The extraordinary and first-class layout of our wines accentuates the base of VOLS wines, i.e., the slaty vineyard soils. Plain elegance reflects our straightforward production philosophy. Deliberately, we do not mention either vineyard site names or legal predicates such as spatlese or auslese.


The heavy, dark, antique-green bottle with its turquoise-blue reflections conveys our connectivity to old traditions. Saar wines have been filled into these bottles for centuries. The bottle type will again ensure the unique brand recognition with wine experts.


According to the old-fashioned way, we close VOLS wines with extra-long, hand-picked natural corks. Each year we visit the forests of Alentajo in Portugal and personally select the best corks. We can therefore guarantee highest standards for all of our closures.

VOLS offers to re-cork each wine after 25 years. At that occasion we will sample the wines and add our tasting notes to each bottle.